Thursday, August 27, 2009

Microsoft news

A group of researchers at microsoft are developing a new operating system and a new web browser that works as an integrated part of the operating system.The browser was code named as GAZELLE and the operating system as SERVICEOS.
The main property of this OS and browser is that they isolate the applications from one another,so that if one application got affected ,it will not cause malfunction in any other application and the lattter works normally.This browser may not give the speed of chrome,but ensures the safer way to work on various applications.The researchers at microsoft are trying to revert this and are engaged in the work.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sony ericsson-W205

The mobile phone giant sony ericsson has released two new phones W205 in India.

Now let's talk about this w205.This is the successor of w200,the famous low end phone of sony ericsson.This new phone comes with bluetooth which is the main draw back of the latter one.Also it has a 1.3MP camera along with a music player,video player,recorder,and an FM radio with recorder and a lot more applications required in day-to-day life.It also has a sleeky design and it is slider phone.The main bonus feature of this phone is it has got 4 phone books which can be used seperately with out much conflict.The music player in it supports all kinds of formats.The thumping sound that comes generally with the walkman series of Sony ericsson is made more thumping in this.It has got a resolution of 128*160 and a TFT display that enhances the visual experience.It supports GPRS WAP/XHTML ,and also the EDGE that increase the speed of the GPRS.It also supports java applications along with some crunchy games in it.Its price is around Rs.5000.Go for it if you are planning to buy a Nokia 3110 or Sony ericsson W200 even it is a few hundreds more than both the pieces.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dual Sim phone

This is for the people who want a dual sim phone at a low price even in the present economic crisis.I am talking here about a phone intex IN 4455 that comes for a cheap price of RS.3750 but carries the principle of duality with it.

The phone isn't stylish in it's look but has got a good UI that makes us easy to identify the both sims from one another.The camera also gives not a good set of images and the remaining media properties are of average range.You can go for it if u r really more cared for dual sims than other multimedia features.