Monday, January 25, 2010

Feeling bored-Have a look at these

These are some of the websites that I have collected every week from a daily newspaper. ->To change files from one format to another ->To download virus free computer games ->To create flash websites with ease ->To improve speed of your PC ->Good templates for PPt ->If you have a Nokia phone with Symbian OS ,this is your everything to install thirdparty softwares ->To trace mobile phone number(state) ->To learn typing ->To customize your right click ->Free GNU acredited softwares ->To change the way icons look ->ToTo use USB drive as logon password ->Largest open source devloper and downloader site ->To create CD image (smallest mounter) ->To add water mark to your images ->To listen to the speeches of the people who influenced the course of history
www.valuaemysite ->To evaluate your site ->A good reference to the latest technews

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mozilla Firefox 3.6

Firefox's latest version Firefox 3.6 is out and everyone need to migrate for it to minimise more bugs and to improve your speed.It' s speed is increased to 3 times when compared to Firefox 3.5.It has got a new feature called "personas" where in by you can install themes of Firefox diretly without the need of any plug-in.
Presently I am using the Firefox and I observed that its speed improved.But the problem I am finding is that it is getting stuck more often than the previous version ,but recovering all
the tabs when restarted.
Today let me tell me you of a new word called "hackintosh" .Since Apple's any OS cannot be installed in any other machine other than MAC ,this method lets you install Apple's OS's in any other machine.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project Natal

Project Natal is a project for the development of "Controller free gaming" by the microsoft.If not controllers then what.Most of your guesses are right ,it's sensors.Sensors will be deployed around the video game which sense our gestures,spoken commands etc., and they act as controllers.That's really cool.The peripheral that relates xbox360 console with 'Natal' is expected to be released this summer.
If you just close a tab my mistake in firefox reopen the recently closed tab by using "shift+ctrl+t" and to close the recently opened tab use "ctrl+w" and to open a new tab use "ctrl+t".

Friday, January 8, 2010

Nexus one

Google the pioneering company in the field of search industry released its own smart phone into the market 'Nexus one' yesterday.The price is around 2400 in the European market,but it takes sometime for the phone to reach India.It runs Android OS and takes in voice instructions to open all google's web pages like gmail,news etc.,It features a 5MP camera,4GB memory which is expandable to 32GB,3G,wifi everything that an Iphone features.This is new trend in the field of IT----------------Hardware and software by the same company,Motorola may relook Android OS for its Droid phones since the advent of Nexus one make it a weaker companion in the smart phone market.

Today one of my friends told me of a new website that allows us to work in one tab with four different tiled windows each of which acts as a new tab.Check this out , this is really cool ""