Monday, April 6, 2009


GPRS-General Packet Radio Service-This is like an internet connection for 2G mobiles which use Circuit Switching Data that makes a link directly between two networks and always transmits the data through that link.This leads to slow process of internet of just 127kbits/sec.
HSCSD-High Speed Circuit Switching Data-This increases the speed of GPRS andmakes the data to transmit at 196kbits/sec.
EDGE-Enhanced Datarates for GSM evolution also known as EGPRS enhances the speed of GPRS to 297kbits/sec and transformed the present 2G network to 2.5G network.
3G-This is totally different from GPRS in the way that it transfers data.It makes the data into packets and transmits them through the least congested route ,thus enabling the user to access high speed internet of about 200kbps to 2mbps


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