Friday, April 10, 2009


I am sure that you got bored of the political content in my blog.So let's go back to mobiles.8MP,by seeing this you might be thinking of a digital camera but I wanna speak about two high end touchscreen cellphones of samsung M8800 Pixon and ultratouch S8300 that have 8MP camera.

Samsung S8300 comes with a 2.8" screen with a AMOLED display.The advantage of OLED is that it requires very less power when compared to traditional TFT.It has bluetooth connectivity but lacks Wi-Fi.For internet it has GPRS with EDGE and also 3G facility.Has a music player which could play a wide variety types of songs .It has a display resolution of 240*400.Now regarding it's camera a very good one with a dual LED flash,auto focus,smile detection and these photos can be directly sent to facebook etc.. through the embedded software present in it.It's price will be around Rs.27500.

Now regarding M8800 all things are same except it comes with a 3.2" screen,it has TFT display and single LED flash.It's price is around Rs.28500.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Review

Today I have reviewed all the mobile phones of NOKIA with in the price range of Rs.4200 and Rs.5700 and found NOKIA7210 supernova as the best phone in this category.You might be wondering why I haven't took the range Rs.4000 to Rs.5500 which is more convenient.This is due to global recession and the changing value of rupee in the international foreign exchange.Now let's go in to some specifications of this phone that have attracted my attention.It comes with a 2MP camera, the best in this price range,TFT screen with a resolution of 240*320 and also supports XHTML with bluetooth(v2.0) connectivity.Also comes with an expandable memory card slot.For internet connectivity it has GPRS along with EDGE support and other many user friendly applications such as calculator,converter,etc.It also has MPEG-4 player and could playback almost all types of songs .I conclude this as the best NOKIA mobile with in the price category as I mentioned.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


LG has launched two new mobile handsets GB110 and GB106 of price range Rs.3100 and Rs.2100 respectively.The specialty of these phones is that they do not require a headphone to listen to FM radio.Instead they come with an integrated FM antenna referred as "intenna".

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="334" caption="GB106"]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="334" caption="GB110"]GB110[/caption]

Monday, April 6, 2009


Often I found a lot of people confusing about many things regarding mobiles,but can't get all the information at one place.Now I try to explain you somethings about mobiles.

GSM -Global Service Mobile-A technology used in majority of mobilephones in the world.In this technology the coverage area is less, but runs uninterrupted  when the users increase.In this technology we use SIM(Subscriber Identity Module) .This is the major advantage that enables the users to use their mobile at any part in the world just by changing the sim.

CDMA-Code Divided Multiple Access-This is a less used technology that doesn't require SIM.But Now -a - days SIM cards are being included to avail the consumers migrate to other CDMA phones of their choice.These phones cannot be used every where in the world.Its coverage area and data transmission speeds are better than GSM ,but decrease with increase of subscribers.

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GPRS-General Packet Radio Service-This is like an internet connection for 2G mobiles which use Circuit Switching Data that makes a link directly between two networks and always transmits the data through that link.This leads to slow process of internet of just 127kbits/sec.
HSCSD-High Speed Circuit Switching Data-This increases the speed of GPRS andmakes the data to transmit at 196kbits/sec.
EDGE-Enhanced Datarates for GSM evolution also known as EGPRS enhances the speed of GPRS to 297kbits/sec and transformed the present 2G network to 2.5G network.
3G-This is totally different from GPRS in the way that it transfers data.It makes the data into packets and transmits them through the least congested route ,thus enabling the user to access high speed internet of about 200kbps to 2mbps