Saturday, December 4, 2010


Every one, every where haunting Wiki leaks --- I want to give a quick overview of how Wiki leaks has been staggering for the past few weeks.

It started with Julian Assange (Wiki leaks founder) announcement stating that they are going to release the war documents related to Iraq war.The next followed with America's Secretary of state Hillary Clinton's warning and then wiki leaks released those documents.I don't know what is there in those documents nor did I try to explore, but I wonder why media is also like me.It went on haunting Julian Assange taking interviews from him, provoking him to give disputed statements.In one interview with CNN he even walked away, unable to bear the torture.And that video has been screened again and again with the tagline "Watch Julian Assange walking away from CNN's interview in 5 minutes".Then Julian had been accused of raping two women.The next followed Assange's denial of accusation.Later on interpol issued arrest warrant and he is now in underground.

While this was happening on one side of the story after the release of documents, DDOS attacks, started on Wiki leaks website.DDOS attacks make the server so busy, that it cannot respond to user's requests, due to traffic congestion.Quoting this as a reason, Amazon removed Wiki leaks from it's website and then followed Every DNS, the main domain provider for wiki leaks.The site went down today because of this, but I can't believe, the wiki leaks is still fighting.It shifted it's domain to and continuing it's fight for transparency.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Set a video as your wallpaper

Bored of seeing your photo albums scrolling as your window's wallpaper through the new feature of windows-7.Ever thought of watching videos as your wall paper.You just need to have a windows operating system with a VLC player installed in it.

Open VLC media player, goto Tools--->Preferences and click on the video tab, there in the output section change the "default" mode to "DirectX video output".Now restart the media player and under the in the tool bar-video tab now, you can see "Directx Wallpaper", click on it and you have the video playing as your wall paper and you can continue with your busy shedule.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I made the first post with out actually trying SCHOOLOS myself and when I tried it myself, I was amazed and lost myself with the applications that come prebundled with SCHOOLOS.Two of them are :

The first and foremost of all applications I rate is the TUX Paint that comes in the education tools.I heard it's a drawing tool for children.So I opened it keeping in mind that some kids like stuff will come teaching every aspect as the mouse hovers.But wonder what I directly started working on the drawing sheet and the custom sound in the back ground made me feel more interactive with what I am drawing.I clicked on the magic tool and the options that it could provide are amazing.There is an option called bricks and when I started using on the drawing arena, a custom sound came from the background that comes when the bricks are arranged to build a wall, and I am building a wall on the foreground.Next with glass panes, and so on.Every option is amazing and if you start using it, you will become mad for drawing.

The next best application until now of all I used is the game SUPERTUX2, what a game it was.It's the same as the mario game, but the characters and the playing arena are changed to antarctica mode.Mario was replaced with a penguin and the duck with a small bug that is always present inside a ice cube.When you start playing it, you will get a feel of the real antarctica, the totally white interface, the ice cubes, penguins etc.,But quitting this application had always been a trouble for me.I need to wait for 5 min, after I hit the quit button to get it closed.But that couldn't resist me playing this game.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ubuntu, a perfect answer of open source for the windows.But there are two main problems with this:

1.When a normal user suddenly shifts from windows to Ubuntu he feels confused and needs to waste a lot of time to get accustomed with the new one
2.When it comes to India or if you go to a country that has less connectivity with internet, this OS fails.Because along with the operating system only the quite essential softwares come and when it comes to multimedia, it frequently asks for codecs to be installed.

School OS is an OS that mainly addresses and tweaks all these problems.It is made keeping the Ubuntu as base operating system.So shifting from either windows or Ubuntu is not a big deal.This OS has also enhanced the features of right click a lot with a lot more flexibility for regular programmers.For more information, visit SCHOOLOS and there is a free distributor of this OS with in our campus, if you need an ISO image.You can contact him through mail.This is his gmail id ""

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Message problems

Many of us may be facing situations like, we have message balance and our friend doesn't or vice versa.What would you do in a situation like this:simple-use way2sms or to send free sms from pc to phone, The problems faced by the person with no message balance are as follows:
1.He needs to constantly check his inbox in phone for the messages received.
2.He has to constantly switch from phone to PC and PC to phone

What if all this is replaced by a thing like the person with no message balance can read the reply to his message like a chat reply and could send his next reply just as he does chatting.Yahoo mail does exactly the same thing.I don't know about old yahoo mail, but when you are in yahoo mail classic, click ctrl+shift+t and a new tab opens asking u for the number and message to be sent.You needn't disclose your own number, and yahoo sends the message through a number with in that country, but it starts with a '5' and tell the other person not to panic for losing original balance and send reply to that number.And her reply will be seen in the same tab by u like a chat reply in which you sent her message.The only problem that the person with message balance faces is that if he sends a single sms, it will cost him three sms, this will not be a problem I think since most of us will be having either unlimited message offer or some thing like 15000 messages which we will never be able to complete and three messages from those is not a big deal to lose.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free calls

I just came across this site while stumbling different websites and I could not believe in the first stance that this site on registering gives some minutes free for us.I registered for the sake of curiousity(During registration it asks for a number, give the mobile number you are using) and after confirming my registration and logging in, I clicked on "Direct webcall" link, I entered my Dad's number, in the first box and in the second box it automatically filled the number I gave during registration(This is the number from which call goes), and I clicked 'Call now', after a few seconds my phone rang, it's some ISD number, I lifted and after some automatically generated voice message, my dad's phone rang and I talked with him for 6 minutes.After that I checked my balance and it's still the same.Check in the features of MOBIVOX as a whole and if you become a premium user you can take full advantages of many features available there, they are really awesome.Here is the link for the site click here

Friday, August 13, 2010

Firefox monkeys

I hope every one who is reading this post knows what a java script is, if no - everything other than flash that moves when you visit a website is based on java script.This java script working in a browser largely determines its performance.So each browser has a specific java script which is unique from others like V8 for chrome, Squirrel fish for Safari and Opera with Carakan engine and boosts its performance.Neverthless to say, each of the single one listed above is faster than firefox's java script engine.

Coming to the firefox version of java script engine, the legacy one is Spidermonkey which is continued by firefox till firefox 3.5.And with 3.6 it released "Trace monkey", but this has same performance as spider monkey, except during the occurences of loops in java script it increases the speed.Now firefox came out of the spider monkey completely and building a brand new java script engine, which will be loaded with Firefox 4.And the name of the new java script engine is
"Jaeger Monkey".I am a huge firefox fan and lets hope atleast after the release Firefox 4.0 it gains back its lost top spot in browsing speed.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Modu mobile- the latest trendz of Britain youth, lauded as the lightest mobile available on the planet.Even the Guiness record have confirmed it.Slide the modu phone into a variety of stylishly designed modu jackets to create a new look and provide added functionality that will instantly shape and reshape the way you communicate.It is of the height of an ATM card and width smaller than the card.
Don't think of this as just an ordinary piece.I bet you have never seen as a video like this for Modu at Modu mobile .Don't skip the intro and then you will get everything.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tera copy

Many of you tried to do some copy or move operation in Windows and end up with corrupting of files.Some times this becomes so problematic, that the whole drive needs to be formatted.The perfect answer to this problem is "Tera copy", which allows you to pause your copying or moving.You will also have the feature of seeing what file is being copied or moved and if you attempt multiple file transfers at a time, it will queue them until the present one is completed.You can pause and resume copying when ever you want.The free version helps you do all these things, and if you want more features you can go for the pro version of 'Tera Copy'

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Epic-A native browser made for the indians, by the Indians

I am a big fan of firefox for its speed content delivery to me, but I often feel that it lacks the latest features that other browsers like Opera and Chrome incorporate asap.What happens if the speed of firefox is mixed up with the latest features of Chrome and Opera and blend with the nativity of Indian culture----Epic.
It's the first web browser that is made in India by a Bangalore based company called Hidden Reflex and it is built basing on the firefox.So it will be more easy for Indian firefox users to migrate.It has a lot of built in features like it is the first browser to come with an antivirus installed in it.It automatically scans all your downloads and protects you from fishing sites.You can also scan your entire system manually with this anti virus.You also have the facility to type in Indian languages through the transliteration tool that comes incorporated in the browser.It also boasts as the world's only sidebar browser.To download Click here

Saturday, July 10, 2010


This is the last post on Ubuntu.For all the starters of Ubuntu I recommend "UbuntuPocketGuide" is the best e-book to start with.Try googling for it, download and read it.In the last chapter of that e-book ,you will get to know of configuring firewall in Ubuntu and it will be an interesting one.Today I went awe as I was watching a movie and there is still 5 minutes of battery left as it is showing in my lappie, but still the movie is going on smoothly.This is an example which shows the less amount of power that the Ubuntu uses.One more thing, don't use Ubuntu for playing games ,a lot of them are available for free download, but most of them are broken packages and you will damage your system, if you run them.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Installation of everything in Ubuntu including the operating system itself happens with the help of packages.These packages are just like set up files in Windows.Packages are small files that have to be extracted to install anything in Ubuntu.This is mainly done by two software sub systems APT and dpkg.APT stands for Advanced Packaging Tool and dpkg for Debian Package System.dpkg does all the basic hardwork of actually installing and uninstalling packages while APT tracks these changes at a higher level.APT also recognises broken packages and prompts us,if updates are available.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Internet through Airtel with Ubuntu

Today I want to share with you how I generally get to use internet at home with my phone and Ubuntu.My phone is Sony Ericson w200i and I haven't installed any PC suite in my system.I just plug in the data cable and I right click the network icon, and make sure that the checkbox "Enable Mobile broadband" is ticked on.Later on I enable phone mode in my phone and Ubuntu automatically pops me with the required settings in a step by step manner and after configuring, its over and the internet is on.

While when it comes to windows I need to install a PC suite seperately , but here every thing goes very smoothly with out the need of a seperate software

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Lets play with command line for some time.Well you know how to open it,otherwise go to Applications-->Accessories-->Terminal.Here what you can see first is prompt,which appears like this in my lappie dileepkumar@dileepkumar-laptop:~$.Well the first dileepkumar is the user and the next dileepkumar is the owner of the laptop.Of course both are myself.Before going into the depth let me tweak out certain things for you.

1.System-->Administration-->System Monitor and what you see after clicking processes tab is similar to task manager in Windows.You can use this to force a process to quit.
2.Many of you may have the problem with the battery icon appearing only some times and disappearing most of the time.Go to System-->Preferences-->Power Management and go to General tab and click on the radio button that reads "Always display an icon"
3.Most of you may be experiencing problems with Pidgin Internet Messenger,well here is the permanant solution for that(I'll explain for gmail)
a.When you are creating an account or editing,you will generally see three tabs Basic ,Advanced ,Proxy
b.In the Basic tab---Protocol-XMPP,Username-you gmail username,,Password-Enter your gmail account password,and keep the remaining fields empty.
c.Don't touch the Advanced tab
d.In the Proxy tab Proxy type as 'No Proxy' and click Save.Now you can easily get connected to your pals and friends.

Ohhhhhhh forgot,we started this for terminal na,and I know that you cant insert more matter into your brains.OK no problem lets work with it tommorrow.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


There are some virtual consoles in Ubuntu,a total of 6 in all which you can access at any time.These consoles can be accessed by pressing ctrl+Alt+f1,f2,f3,f4,f5,f6 depending upon which console you want.These let you proceed on ur work in a command line interface and if any time you want to return back to graphical press ctrl+Alt+f7.Now I want to tell you some things about 'Nautilus'.It's a traditional file browsing system specially designed for Ubuntu.When you are browsing any folder,just press ctrl+T,you will see a new tab opened like that of a web browser.Not only that you can even add bookmarks and copy and move the files between the tabbed windows :).One more important thing,you know with unix or Linux there is a problem if you give spaces in between names like rm dileep kumar It gives error telling you that neither dileep nor kumar files are present and they cannot be removed even though there is a file by name dileep kumar.There are two ways in which you can overcome this
1.rm "dileep kumar" (using double quotes)
2.rm dileep\ kumar (Typing a backslash before every space)

Turn on Bash Smart Completion (via Ubuntu Blog)

We normally type half command or name of the file and proceed with tab in Dos and that feature is also present in Ubuntu.To enable it in simple terms:
1.Open Application--->Accessories-->Terminal
2.Entr the command ---------Sudo vi /etc/bash.bashrc
3.You will be prompted for password,enter it and you will see some matter,most of which you wan to under stand.Uncomment the below lines,by removing the # before every line.
if [ -f /etc/bash_completion ] && ! shopt -oq posix; then
. /etc/bash_completion
4.Press Esc-->colon-->wq-->Enter

The Bash shell has this sweet feature where you can use the TAB key to auto-complete certain things. For example, when I am in my home directory, the following command: $cd Do[TAB-key] will automatically yield: $cd Documents If you are an absolute novice, like I was, not so long ago, discovering tab completion in the terminal can make you go "Wow!". Wait till you hear the rest now :) Though you can use the TAB key to complete the names of files a … Read More

via Ubuntu Blog

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Just only some simple facts for today.In windows what we call as taskbars, we call them panels in Ubuntu.And we have 4 virtual desktops generally present in Ubuntu,we can increase them to 256.Just right click over the bottom right corner where you see 4 workspaces and click on preferences.There by changing row number and column number, you can check the difference.Donno about any previous versions of Ubuntu, but in the latest version if you want to clean up your system from all left out and not used packages and other stuff, go to System-->Administration-->Computer Janitor.It will automatically show you,what can be removed from your system.By clicking "Do selected tasks", you can clean up your system.


The latest version of Ubuntu is called Lucid Lynx and it is version 10.04 .The reason behind this version numbers is simple.The second part stands for the month(04) and the first part before dot ,stands for the year(10) of its release. Hence Lucid Lynx was released in April ,2010. So by seeing the version number of Ubuntu ,you can tell its month and year of release. For every 6 months there is a release of new version of Ubuntu and it will be supported for atleast 18 months by the Cannonical Ltd.,(The principle company behind the development of Ubuntu).

I went to a distant relatives house one week ago and there I saw a beautiful girl in their neighbours house. She once came to our relatives home for some work ,and I asked my cousin who is 8 years old to know her name slowly. He went to her and asked her name and came and told me.After that she went away and never came to my relatives house. There are two reasons for this :
1. The worst part that happened in this is that my cousin pointed his finger towards me and asked her that I want to know her name.
2. After knowing her name he came near me and I expected him to tell her name to me in ear. Instead he shouted her name so that everyone in the house could hear it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Coming into the second problem, which I faced was downloading applications directly from internet and trying to install them, just like I do in windows.But that created a lot of problems ,and I need to follow a lot of steps from terminal also to install the required application.Here where I came to understand the power of Ubuntu Software Center which lets you choose and install thousands of free applications directly from the internet with out the need for you to follow any steps .But sometimes, even with proper authentication I could not install certain applications telling me that there is some authentication failure. I cleared this problem with going to System-->Administration-->Synaptic Packet Manager and installing the required software from there.All the software that can be seen in Ubuntu Software Centre is also available there .

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ubuntu (Part-1)

I have installed and uninstalled ubuntu a number of times during my last year at NIT.Firstly for the sake of curiosity and secondly "Life is a race............(3 idiots)",but never sticked to it.I haven't used it for a week in a row continuously until my junior introduced me to it again in the middle of march this year.I installed it this time and using it to this day and also made the people around me get inspired through me for using it.(By mistake I formatted my friends system completely installing ubuntu once :P).In the next few posts on Ubuntu I will list on the few problems I faced with Ubuntu and how I overcame them.

The first problem was with dual booting.I want to install Ubuntu along side my Windows partition so that I can choose between them during boot up process.These are some of the tips and tweaks for it :

1.If you format your entire system and install ubuntu first and windows later, then you are going to lose Ubuntu completely since firstly you cannot dual boot ,but enter directly into windows partition and the hard disk portion in which you installed Ubuntu will get completely disappeared.

2.Now if there is already Windows in your system and you install Ubuntu with out any change to the drive in which windows partition is present ,then you will get to dual boot,but the portion of hard disk which you gave for installing Ubuntu will get disappeared here also.This problem is still faced by me ,but since I gave only 12 GB of my 250 GB harddisk for Ubuntu ,I am not facing much difficulty with the disappearance of that space.

3.If you want to just install Ubuntu like a set up file and uninstall it like any other file through control panel in windows use Wubi installer .But you will get to use it with reduced performance and hibernating option will be absent in this.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Interesting facts

Just heard that India has 71 million netizens and I felt very happy also hearing the fact that India is the third largest country in terms of netizens and every year 25% growth rate is there in terms of netizens in our country.
Panda Antivirus is the first cloud based antivirus.Also one more thing you may hae the problem with the malware "Autorun.inf",if you copy anything from pendrives or external storage devices,the best way to remove this is click here and download the software and use it to remove autorun.inf .One morething if you have problem with the same appearance of windows desktop everytime you open your computer , click here there is a software and with that you can change the appearance of your desktop to the style you like.Everytime you browse in google you may want news sometime,images sometime and some other things,there are seperate searches available for all these but if you want all the searches to appear at one place seperated with squares go to this link and search.If you want to hide any file you normally know how to do it and in folder options if you choose ,view hidden files it will appear ,but if you want it to be hidden even after we did the above thing,do one thing.If the name of the directory is "Dileep" and it is in c -drive write this and click enter in explorer c:/>attrib+a+s+h Dileep and press enter and if you want it to appear again,write c:/>attrib-a-s-h Dileep and press enter

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bluetooth hacking

Bluetooth hacking can be done for cell phones which have their bluetooth switched on.Bluescanner is used to find all the available bluetooth connections available.Blue sinffer helps us to read the messages in a bluetooth switched on phone,even if it has a password to connect with bluetooth.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Two days back I am in Jamshedpur attending a seminar on ethical hacking by Ankit Fadia.The things that he told are still crumbling around my brain and I couldn't forget even a single line that he told.I thought of sharing with you some of the things that he told in the seminar.I myself didn't apply any of these things since I don't like the concept of hacking and for those who are interested this mght be of something useful and use these tips at your own descretion.
IP Address:
This is one of the most important things that you need to know of others computers that you need to hack.There is a tool called "angry ip scanner" available that lists out all the vulnerable ip addresses in your network in lan and if you are using wi-fi,"wire shark" will be of use to you.If you want to know the ip address of the person you are chatting with follow these steps:
1.Send him any file
2.Immediately go to the "Dos prompt" or type CMD and press enter in "run".
3.Type "netstat -n" and press enter and this gives you the ip
address of the person you are chatting with.
Remember that your friend whose ip you are trying to find also can use the step-3 to know your ip address.
There is one software that helps us play with others computers without the need to know install anything on others computers and it is "data sniffer".It helps to know the packets of data that are sent and received from victims computer.
Now any of you know what a trojan is-For those who don't know, a trojan is any programme that lets us remotely access other computers.This requires two installations.One installaton in the victims computers that lets the other installation in our computer to remotely access it ,from any part of the world.Usually both are available in combined packages as a winrar file.The best of all Trojans that can be used is "Netbus".With this trojan you can take complete control of others computers including switching on his web cam and microphone.Keylogger also can be activated at any time in victims computer using netbus.Othe popular trojans include
What would you do if you want to acces your friends computer when he is out.Now here comes a handy tool called "Oph crack" that's available a a free download and letz you know the password of your friends windows OS based computer.Download the CD image file of "Oph crack"(.iso format as most of you know) and write it to a CD or DVD.Now insert it to your friends computer and start booting from CD or DVD that we made just now and following some simple steps and you have the password in your hand.Now you can restart the computer and royally enter the windows based OS by entering the password.
I'll tell you about bluetooth hacking and e-mail hacking tommorrow .There was an important incident that happened in Mumbai in the recent past.A woman is living alone in a one room apartment.She chats all day and buys a lot of gadgets through internet,so her computer is switched almost all the day.She went for an interview one day and the person interviewing her told ---"I'll definetely give you a job in my company because I see you everyday changing clothes through a famous site on the internet" .The woman felt very embarrassed and compliained the Mumbai police .They searched for video camera's in the room but couldn't find one.A cyber security specialist was roped who found that a trojan was installed in her computer and a person was remotely accessing her webcam thorugh that trojan.This may one day happen to you also.So beware of computer security.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Phone with a AAA sized battery

Yup, you heard it right ,itz a "Olive FrvrOn" ,name looks weird right.It meant Olive forever on,This small mobile with an inbuilt FM radio,1.5 inch color display,along with a Lithium ion battery,and support with polyphonic ringtones and our special AAA sized battery support (if you ever run out of Lithium ion battery) comes for just Rs.1699.The AAA size battery is hotswappable(can be removed or inserted with out switching of ur phone----even if u r on a call).Official website is Olivetelecom .Where you can get more details of itz specifications.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fly Linkz

Imagine how much a touch screen phone costs,along with dual sim support,motion sensor gaming,2MP camera, audio player,Bluetooth,PC sync with modem,you may expect a minimu price of around 9000 bugs,but this fly Linkz(E-145) comes for just Rs.5509.It also adds many features for internet savvy's with GPRS support and comes along with installed applications like Nimbus ,Opera etc.,It also has Snaptu,that provides easy access to your twitter and Facebook accounts.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Do u know a guy who just 21 years old ,but voted as Time's top 100 influencial people.His name is Christopher Poole and he is called MOOT-the most influencial dude online,which is his nickname in his site,which is his own site started by him in 2003.Today, with six million rabid members and 286 million posts, 4chan is the crucible of everything edgy and sticky on the Web.
4chan is also a highly challenging site to maintain. Though Moot has been managing the site with 20 volunteer moderators, 4chan has grown pretty big and unwieldy from him to run from his apartment. The community’s high-profile pranks are spawning a backlash, leaving Moot to defend against hacker attacks – and the occasionally FBI inquiry. Despite his big role online, the real guy behind Moot remains largely unknown.
He is going to give a talk on TED on 11th Feb ,wait for him guys.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A few facts

Everyone knows what a Macintosh is but anyone know of Hackintosh.Well here is the meaning for it.Apple's Mac OSX is very famous but can be installed in only Macintosh machines.So Hackintosh is the process of making the Mac's OSX to get installed in machines other than Mac.This is becoming very vigorous that for phones like Nokia N900 ,Hackintosh is getting applied to install OSX.
Everyone of you knows that recently Apple's ipad got released and most of the world is awaiting it as it had done during the iphone.But some cold war is going on between Adobe and Apple and if you want to see the result of this cold war becoming a real war , then watch this blog

Monday, February 1, 2010


I really don't understand what this meant but comes in the middle way when ever I tried to use graphics in my programmes or playing games.Here is the meaning of "Directx" in the official microsoft's website.
'Microsoft DirectX is a group of technologies designed to make Windows-based computers an ideal platform for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements such as full-color graphics, video, 3D animation, and rich audio. DirectX includes security and performance updates, along with many new features across all technologies, which can be accessed by applications using the DirectX APIs'
If you own a windows computer you definetely have this in your computer and it's latest update was released by microsoft 2-days ago,follow this link to download the update.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Feeling bored-Have a look at these

These are some of the websites that I have collected every week from a daily newspaper. ->To change files from one format to another ->To download virus free computer games ->To create flash websites with ease ->To improve speed of your PC ->Good templates for PPt ->If you have a Nokia phone with Symbian OS ,this is your everything to install thirdparty softwares ->To trace mobile phone number(state) ->To learn typing ->To customize your right click ->Free GNU acredited softwares ->To change the way icons look ->ToTo use USB drive as logon password ->Largest open source devloper and downloader site ->To create CD image (smallest mounter) ->To add water mark to your images ->To listen to the speeches of the people who influenced the course of history
www.valuaemysite ->To evaluate your site ->A good reference to the latest technews

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mozilla Firefox 3.6

Firefox's latest version Firefox 3.6 is out and everyone need to migrate for it to minimise more bugs and to improve your speed.It' s speed is increased to 3 times when compared to Firefox 3.5.It has got a new feature called "personas" where in by you can install themes of Firefox diretly without the need of any plug-in.
Presently I am using the Firefox and I observed that its speed improved.But the problem I am finding is that it is getting stuck more often than the previous version ,but recovering all
the tabs when restarted.
Today let me tell me you of a new word called "hackintosh" .Since Apple's any OS cannot be installed in any other machine other than MAC ,this method lets you install Apple's OS's in any other machine.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project Natal

Project Natal is a project for the development of "Controller free gaming" by the microsoft.If not controllers then what.Most of your guesses are right ,it's sensors.Sensors will be deployed around the video game which sense our gestures,spoken commands etc., and they act as controllers.That's really cool.The peripheral that relates xbox360 console with 'Natal' is expected to be released this summer.
If you just close a tab my mistake in firefox reopen the recently closed tab by using "shift+ctrl+t" and to close the recently opened tab use "ctrl+w" and to open a new tab use "ctrl+t".

Friday, January 8, 2010

Nexus one

Google the pioneering company in the field of search industry released its own smart phone into the market 'Nexus one' yesterday.The price is around 2400 in the European market,but it takes sometime for the phone to reach India.It runs Android OS and takes in voice instructions to open all google's web pages like gmail,news etc.,It features a 5MP camera,4GB memory which is expandable to 32GB,3G,wifi everything that an Iphone features.This is new trend in the field of IT----------------Hardware and software by the same company,Motorola may relook Android OS for its Droid phones since the advent of Nexus one make it a weaker companion in the smart phone market.

Today one of my friends told me of a new website that allows us to work in one tab with four different tiled windows each of which acts as a new tab.Check this out , this is really cool ""