Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ubuntu, a perfect answer of open source for the windows.But there are two main problems with this:

1.When a normal user suddenly shifts from windows to Ubuntu he feels confused and needs to waste a lot of time to get accustomed with the new one
2.When it comes to India or if you go to a country that has less connectivity with internet, this OS fails.Because along with the operating system only the quite essential softwares come and when it comes to multimedia, it frequently asks for codecs to be installed.

School OS is an OS that mainly addresses and tweaks all these problems.It is made keeping the Ubuntu as base operating system.So shifting from either windows or Ubuntu is not a big deal.This OS has also enhanced the features of right click a lot with a lot more flexibility for regular programmers.For more information, visit SCHOOLOS and there is a free distributor of this OS with in our campus, if you need an ISO image.You can contact him through mail.This is his gmail id ""

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Message problems

Many of us may be facing situations like, we have message balance and our friend doesn't or vice versa.What would you do in a situation like this:simple-use way2sms or to send free sms from pc to phone, The problems faced by the person with no message balance are as follows:
1.He needs to constantly check his inbox in phone for the messages received.
2.He has to constantly switch from phone to PC and PC to phone

What if all this is replaced by a thing like the person with no message balance can read the reply to his message like a chat reply and could send his next reply just as he does chatting.Yahoo mail does exactly the same thing.I don't know about old yahoo mail, but when you are in yahoo mail classic, click ctrl+shift+t and a new tab opens asking u for the number and message to be sent.You needn't disclose your own number, and yahoo sends the message through a number with in that country, but it starts with a '5' and tell the other person not to panic for losing original balance and send reply to that number.And her reply will be seen in the same tab by u like a chat reply in which you sent her message.The only problem that the person with message balance faces is that if he sends a single sms, it will cost him three sms, this will not be a problem I think since most of us will be having either unlimited message offer or some thing like 15000 messages which we will never be able to complete and three messages from those is not a big deal to lose.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free calls

I just came across this site while stumbling different websites and I could not believe in the first stance that this site on registering gives some minutes free for us.I registered for the sake of curiousity(During registration it asks for a number, give the mobile number you are using) and after confirming my registration and logging in, I clicked on "Direct webcall" link, I entered my Dad's number, in the first box and in the second box it automatically filled the number I gave during registration(This is the number from which call goes), and I clicked 'Call now', after a few seconds my phone rang, it's some ISD number, I lifted and after some automatically generated voice message, my dad's phone rang and I talked with him for 6 minutes.After that I checked my balance and it's still the same.Check in the features of MOBIVOX as a whole and if you become a premium user you can take full advantages of many features available there, they are really awesome.Here is the link for the site click here

Friday, August 13, 2010

Firefox monkeys

I hope every one who is reading this post knows what a java script is, if no - everything other than flash that moves when you visit a website is based on java script.This java script working in a browser largely determines its performance.So each browser has a specific java script which is unique from others like V8 for chrome, Squirrel fish for Safari and Opera with Carakan engine and boosts its performance.Neverthless to say, each of the single one listed above is faster than firefox's java script engine.

Coming to the firefox version of java script engine, the legacy one is Spidermonkey which is continued by firefox till firefox 3.5.And with 3.6 it released "Trace monkey", but this has same performance as spider monkey, except during the occurences of loops in java script it increases the speed.Now firefox came out of the spider monkey completely and building a brand new java script engine, which will be loaded with Firefox 4.And the name of the new java script engine is
"Jaeger Monkey".I am a huge firefox fan and lets hope atleast after the release Firefox 4.0 it gains back its lost top spot in browsing speed.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Modu mobile- the latest trendz of Britain youth, lauded as the lightest mobile available on the planet.Even the Guiness record have confirmed it.Slide the modu phone into a variety of stylishly designed modu jackets to create a new look and provide added functionality that will instantly shape and reshape the way you communicate.It is of the height of an ATM card and width smaller than the card.
Don't think of this as just an ordinary piece.I bet you have never seen as a video like this for Modu at Modu mobile .Don't skip the intro and then you will get everything.