Monday, July 26, 2010

Tera copy

Many of you tried to do some copy or move operation in Windows and end up with corrupting of files.Some times this becomes so problematic, that the whole drive needs to be formatted.The perfect answer to this problem is "Tera copy", which allows you to pause your copying or moving.You will also have the feature of seeing what file is being copied or moved and if you attempt multiple file transfers at a time, it will queue them until the present one is completed.You can pause and resume copying when ever you want.The free version helps you do all these things, and if you want more features you can go for the pro version of 'Tera Copy'

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Epic-A native browser made for the indians, by the Indians

I am a big fan of firefox for its speed content delivery to me, but I often feel that it lacks the latest features that other browsers like Opera and Chrome incorporate asap.What happens if the speed of firefox is mixed up with the latest features of Chrome and Opera and blend with the nativity of Indian culture----Epic.
It's the first web browser that is made in India by a Bangalore based company called Hidden Reflex and it is built basing on the firefox.So it will be more easy for Indian firefox users to migrate.It has a lot of built in features like it is the first browser to come with an antivirus installed in it.It automatically scans all your downloads and protects you from fishing sites.You can also scan your entire system manually with this anti virus.You also have the facility to type in Indian languages through the transliteration tool that comes incorporated in the browser.It also boasts as the world's only sidebar browser.To download Click here

Saturday, July 10, 2010


This is the last post on Ubuntu.For all the starters of Ubuntu I recommend "UbuntuPocketGuide" is the best e-book to start with.Try googling for it, download and read it.In the last chapter of that e-book ,you will get to know of configuring firewall in Ubuntu and it will be an interesting one.Today I went awe as I was watching a movie and there is still 5 minutes of battery left as it is showing in my lappie, but still the movie is going on smoothly.This is an example which shows the less amount of power that the Ubuntu uses.One more thing, don't use Ubuntu for playing games ,a lot of them are available for free download, but most of them are broken packages and you will damage your system, if you run them.