Monday, April 6, 2009


Often I found a lot of people confusing about many things regarding mobiles,but can't get all the information at one place.Now I try to explain you somethings about mobiles.

GSM -Global Service Mobile-A technology used in majority of mobilephones in the world.In this technology the coverage area is less, but runs uninterrupted  when the users increase.In this technology we use SIM(Subscriber Identity Module) .This is the major advantage that enables the users to use their mobile at any part in the world just by changing the sim.

CDMA-Code Divided Multiple Access-This is a less used technology that doesn't require SIM.But Now -a - days SIM cards are being included to avail the consumers migrate to other CDMA phones of their choice.These phones cannot be used every where in the world.Its coverage area and data transmission speeds are better than GSM ,but decrease with increase of subscribers.

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