Monday, January 25, 2010

Feeling bored-Have a look at these

These are some of the websites that I have collected every week from a daily newspaper. ->To change files from one format to another ->To download virus free computer games ->To create flash websites with ease ->To improve speed of your PC ->Good templates for PPt ->If you have a Nokia phone with Symbian OS ,this is your everything to install thirdparty softwares ->To trace mobile phone number(state) ->To learn typing ->To customize your right click ->Free GNU acredited softwares ->To change the way icons look ->ToTo use USB drive as logon password ->Largest open source devloper and downloader site ->To create CD image (smallest mounter) ->To add water mark to your images ->To listen to the speeches of the people who influenced the course of history
www.valuaemysite ->To evaluate your site ->A good reference to the latest technews

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