Friday, February 5, 2010


Do u know a guy who just 21 years old ,but voted as Time's top 100 influencial people.His name is Christopher Poole and he is called MOOT-the most influencial dude online,which is his nickname in his site,which is his own site started by him in 2003.Today, with six million rabid members and 286 million posts, 4chan is the crucible of everything edgy and sticky on the Web.
4chan is also a highly challenging site to maintain. Though Moot has been managing the site with 20 volunteer moderators, 4chan has grown pretty big and unwieldy from him to run from his apartment. The community’s high-profile pranks are spawning a backlash, leaving Moot to defend against hacker attacks – and the occasionally FBI inquiry. Despite his big role online, the real guy behind Moot remains largely unknown.
He is going to give a talk on TED on 11th Feb ,wait for him guys.

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