Sunday, March 21, 2010


Two days back I am in Jamshedpur attending a seminar on ethical hacking by Ankit Fadia.The things that he told are still crumbling around my brain and I couldn't forget even a single line that he told.I thought of sharing with you some of the things that he told in the seminar.I myself didn't apply any of these things since I don't like the concept of hacking and for those who are interested this mght be of something useful and use these tips at your own descretion.
IP Address:
This is one of the most important things that you need to know of others computers that you need to hack.There is a tool called "angry ip scanner" available that lists out all the vulnerable ip addresses in your network in lan and if you are using wi-fi,"wire shark" will be of use to you.If you want to know the ip address of the person you are chatting with follow these steps:
1.Send him any file
2.Immediately go to the "Dos prompt" or type CMD and press enter in "run".
3.Type "netstat -n" and press enter and this gives you the ip
address of the person you are chatting with.
Remember that your friend whose ip you are trying to find also can use the step-3 to know your ip address.
There is one software that helps us play with others computers without the need to know install anything on others computers and it is "data sniffer".It helps to know the packets of data that are sent and received from victims computer.
Now any of you know what a trojan is-For those who don't know, a trojan is any programme that lets us remotely access other computers.This requires two installations.One installaton in the victims computers that lets the other installation in our computer to remotely access it ,from any part of the world.Usually both are available in combined packages as a winrar file.The best of all Trojans that can be used is "Netbus".With this trojan you can take complete control of others computers including switching on his web cam and microphone.Keylogger also can be activated at any time in victims computer using netbus.Othe popular trojans include
What would you do if you want to acces your friends computer when he is out.Now here comes a handy tool called "Oph crack" that's available a a free download and letz you know the password of your friends windows OS based computer.Download the CD image file of "Oph crack"(.iso format as most of you know) and write it to a CD or DVD.Now insert it to your friends computer and start booting from CD or DVD that we made just now and following some simple steps and you have the password in your hand.Now you can restart the computer and royally enter the windows based OS by entering the password.
I'll tell you about bluetooth hacking and e-mail hacking tommorrow .There was an important incident that happened in Mumbai in the recent past.A woman is living alone in a one room apartment.She chats all day and buys a lot of gadgets through internet,so her computer is switched almost all the day.She went for an interview one day and the person interviewing her told ---"I'll definetely give you a job in my company because I see you everyday changing clothes through a famous site on the internet" .The woman felt very embarrassed and compliained the Mumbai police .They searched for video camera's in the room but couldn't find one.A cyber security specialist was roped who found that a trojan was installed in her computer and a person was remotely accessing her webcam thorugh that trojan.This may one day happen to you also.So beware of computer security.

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