Saturday, April 24, 2010

Interesting facts

Just heard that India has 71 million netizens and I felt very happy also hearing the fact that India is the third largest country in terms of netizens and every year 25% growth rate is there in terms of netizens in our country.
Panda Antivirus is the first cloud based antivirus.Also one more thing you may hae the problem with the malware "Autorun.inf",if you copy anything from pendrives or external storage devices,the best way to remove this is click here and download the software and use it to remove autorun.inf .One morething if you have problem with the same appearance of windows desktop everytime you open your computer , click here there is a software and with that you can change the appearance of your desktop to the style you like.Everytime you browse in google you may want news sometime,images sometime and some other things,there are seperate searches available for all these but if you want all the searches to appear at one place seperated with squares go to this link and search.If you want to hide any file you normally know how to do it and in folder options if you choose ,view hidden files it will appear ,but if you want it to be hidden even after we did the above thing,do one thing.If the name of the directory is "Dileep" and it is in c -drive write this and click enter in explorer c:/>attrib+a+s+h Dileep and press enter and if you want it to appear again,write c:/>attrib-a-s-h Dileep and press enter

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