Monday, June 7, 2010

Ubuntu (Part-1)

I have installed and uninstalled ubuntu a number of times during my last year at NIT.Firstly for the sake of curiosity and secondly "Life is a race............(3 idiots)",but never sticked to it.I haven't used it for a week in a row continuously until my junior introduced me to it again in the middle of march this year.I installed it this time and using it to this day and also made the people around me get inspired through me for using it.(By mistake I formatted my friends system completely installing ubuntu once :P).In the next few posts on Ubuntu I will list on the few problems I faced with Ubuntu and how I overcame them.

The first problem was with dual booting.I want to install Ubuntu along side my Windows partition so that I can choose between them during boot up process.These are some of the tips and tweaks for it :

1.If you format your entire system and install ubuntu first and windows later, then you are going to lose Ubuntu completely since firstly you cannot dual boot ,but enter directly into windows partition and the hard disk portion in which you installed Ubuntu will get completely disappeared.

2.Now if there is already Windows in your system and you install Ubuntu with out any change to the drive in which windows partition is present ,then you will get to dual boot,but the portion of hard disk which you gave for installing Ubuntu will get disappeared here also.This problem is still faced by me ,but since I gave only 12 GB of my 250 GB harddisk for Ubuntu ,I am not facing much difficulty with the disappearance of that space.

3.If you want to just install Ubuntu like a set up file and uninstall it like any other file through control panel in windows use Wubi installer .But you will get to use it with reduced performance and hibernating option will be absent in this.


  1. for the first problm there's a sloution
    u can reffer to the following web page

  2. read this too

  3. satybrata paridaJune 8, 2010 at 3:42 AM

    this is cool....
    linux ruless....

  4. Thanq for posting the link here ,this indeed is a perfect solution for the first problem