Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I made the first post with out actually trying SCHOOLOS myself and when I tried it myself, I was amazed and lost myself with the applications that come prebundled with SCHOOLOS.Two of them are :

The first and foremost of all applications I rate is the TUX Paint that comes in the education tools.I heard it's a drawing tool for children.So I opened it keeping in mind that some kids like stuff will come teaching every aspect as the mouse hovers.But wonder what I directly started working on the drawing sheet and the custom sound in the back ground made me feel more interactive with what I am drawing.I clicked on the magic tool and the options that it could provide are amazing.There is an option called bricks and when I started using on the drawing arena, a custom sound came from the background that comes when the bricks are arranged to build a wall, and I am building a wall on the foreground.Next with glass panes, and so on.Every option is amazing and if you start using it, you will become mad for drawing.

The next best application until now of all I used is the game SUPERTUX2, what a game it was.It's the same as the mario game, but the characters and the playing arena are changed to antarctica mode.Mario was replaced with a penguin and the duck with a small bug that is always present inside a ice cube.When you start playing it, you will get a feel of the real antarctica, the totally white interface, the ice cubes, penguins etc.,But quitting this application had always been a trouble for me.I need to wait for 5 min, after I hit the quit button to get it closed.But that couldn't resist me playing this game.

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