Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ubuntu, a perfect answer of open source for the windows.But there are two main problems with this:

1.When a normal user suddenly shifts from windows to Ubuntu he feels confused and needs to waste a lot of time to get accustomed with the new one
2.When it comes to India or if you go to a country that has less connectivity with internet, this OS fails.Because along with the operating system only the quite essential softwares come and when it comes to multimedia, it frequently asks for codecs to be installed.

School OS is an OS that mainly addresses and tweaks all these problems.It is made keeping the Ubuntu as base operating system.So shifting from either windows or Ubuntu is not a big deal.This OS has also enhanced the features of right click a lot with a lot more flexibility for regular programmers.For more information, visit SCHOOLOS and there is a free distributor of this OS with in our campus, if you need an ISO image.You can contact him through mail.This is his gmail id ""


  1. thanx for this blog ,

    if any one like to try or install school OS you are just a few steps ahead , mail me at

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