Saturday, December 4, 2010


Every one, every where haunting Wiki leaks --- I want to give a quick overview of how Wiki leaks has been staggering for the past few weeks.

It started with Julian Assange (Wiki leaks founder) announcement stating that they are going to release the war documents related to Iraq war.The next followed with America's Secretary of state Hillary Clinton's warning and then wiki leaks released those documents.I don't know what is there in those documents nor did I try to explore, but I wonder why media is also like me.It went on haunting Julian Assange taking interviews from him, provoking him to give disputed statements.In one interview with CNN he even walked away, unable to bear the torture.And that video has been screened again and again with the tagline "Watch Julian Assange walking away from CNN's interview in 5 minutes".Then Julian had been accused of raping two women.The next followed Assange's denial of accusation.Later on interpol issued arrest warrant and he is now in underground.

While this was happening on one side of the story after the release of documents, DDOS attacks, started on Wiki leaks website.DDOS attacks make the server so busy, that it cannot respond to user's requests, due to traffic congestion.Quoting this as a reason, Amazon removed Wiki leaks from it's website and then followed Every DNS, the main domain provider for wiki leaks.The site went down today because of this, but I can't believe, the wiki leaks is still fighting.It shifted it's domain to and continuing it's fight for transparency.

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