Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review for Spiderman Unlimited Game of Gameloft

Downloaded the game in my Lumia 520 and started playing. You need to be connected to the internet to play, even when there is nothing to download from internet.

I completed two levels and immediately a screen came saying there is an update and it wants to download it. And there is only one "ok" button on it. I have no option but to press ok. Even if I reopen the game the same screen reappears. The update is huge again, and I have to use wifi for the download, since with Edge, it takes a whole day to update.

Lumia 520 has 512 MB RAM which is very less, so the game occasionally crashes or moves slowly at times. The process of 1.2 GHZ single core is fine for this game. You need atleast 1 GB RAM for good playing experience.

The game is great interms of content and you get a real spidey experience of playing it, fighting villains, churning out web, and comics like visuals.

Bottomline: The game is good in terms of design, but regularly needs to be updated and the user should be given an option to cancel the update if he wants to.

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