Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Solution for Wordflow Keyboard not working - Windows Phone

With Windows Mobile 8.1, Microsoft introduced Wordflow keyboard, where you can swipe the keyboard attaching the letters and it automatically converts it into the most accurate predicted word. This may not work sometimes, since it may not be supported on all types of keyboards. This keyboard setting may have changed without your knowledge or by mistake you would have changed.

For wordflow to work, long press the "ENG" or what ever is in it's place in the above screenshot. You will get options to change your keyboard language. Change it to some different "ENG", like if you are an Indian, you can change into UK English or US English and vice versa. Try if word flow keyboard is working. If not, change the keyboard and try again. It will work for one of the keyboards.

If it doesn't work at all, the only reason could be, your phone is not updated to 8.1.

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