Monday, December 1, 2014

NASA - Mission to Mars

NASA started planning to put man on Mars by 2021. The first step in that direction is happening on Dec-4th, when NASA's next generation spacecraft Orion will be put in deep space, at an altitude of 3600 miles from Earth. Although this is not a big distance, since moon is 252,088 miles away from earth, this will help NASA in verifying how the space suits will adapt to environments and the strength of Crew module. This is an unmanned journey.

Personally I feel a bit weird, since man already went to Moon, which is almost 1000 times away from current testing distance and the last mission to moon, Apollo-17 human beings spent approximately 22 hours on Lunar Surface in 1972. Why then these adaptability tests for crew modules and space suits?

Where in the current rockets are tremendously powerful compared to 1972, and space suits more safe and light weight too. One more thing is after 1972, no human being went beyond the Low Earth Orbit which is at max 1200 miles away from earth.

Anyway, the bottom line is governments need to spend aggressively on space exploration, so that we can have regular space crafts between Mars and Earth like our Aeroplanes by 2040.

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