Thursday, June 22, 2017

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns - Impact on Ola

As Travis resigns, many Indian Uber employees are in disarray. A Business standard report cites that everyday there is a meeting in Uber India office where employees are being assured of their job safety. Even though layoffs are not there, employees are quitting the company.

The capital dumping by Uber has a large impact on Indian ride hailing service industry that except Ola, all other companies like Taxi For Sure have shut shop or merged themselves with bigger entities. Now it is only Ola vs Uber in India. If investors get jumpy and start taking decisions about not dumping capital, there will be a rational playing field between Ola and Uber. This way, the more innovative guy wins, but not the one with more money.

Ola has a chance now, as it has clear leadership to keep fighting. And both Ola and Uber can co-exist in a big market like India. Let us wait and watch

Image Courtesy: Hans India

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