Sunday, June 25, 2017

What it takes for Donald Trump to be a game changer.

Less than 48 hours to go, for Indian prime minister Modi to meet Trump. Trump has been in office less than six months, but facing too much resistance within his own party along with Democrats. The Comey hearing, Mexico's veiled attacks, media against him using his old tweets and videos... all this have significant effect on a person's morale. Wonder how Trump deals with them, also his age doesn't give him succor.

May be Trump needs to borrow a leaf from Modi's text book on how to earn respect from your own party along with outsiders. If people are with you, automatically the political guys have to be on your side. Things that Modi did like making sure every citizen has a bank account, cooking gas for BPL families while taking away cooking gas subsidy from well off, demonitzation which is de-recognising high value notes from currency etc., Some are incremental, and some are revolutionary but citizens of a country are always behind a person trying to do something for them and which touches their lives. That's what Modi has done and Trump can also do.

Tweeting about stuff or talking is not enough, but Trump has to get to work sooner. He needs to work for middle classes, poor who needs jobs, give them proper healthcare that works, rebate in tuition fees for meritorious American students and a lot. He needs to push the bureaucracy to get things done. Need to take decisions fast enough and not just tweet or give interview about them. That's what Modi has done and Trump can follow.

Here T means Trump, and he should stop tweeting about whatever he knows immediately. A leader needs to maintain a oath of secrecy.

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