Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The latest version of Ubuntu is called Lucid Lynx and it is version 10.04 .The reason behind this version numbers is simple.The second part stands for the month(04) and the first part before dot ,stands for the year(10) of its release. Hence Lucid Lynx was released in April ,2010. So by seeing the version number of Ubuntu ,you can tell its month and year of release. For every 6 months there is a release of new version of Ubuntu and it will be supported for atleast 18 months by the Cannonical Ltd.,(The principle company behind the development of Ubuntu).

I went to a distant relatives house one week ago and there I saw a beautiful girl in their neighbours house. She once came to our relatives home for some work ,and I asked my cousin who is 8 years old to know her name slowly. He went to her and asked her name and came and told me.After that she went away and never came to my relatives house. There are two reasons for this :
1. The worst part that happened in this is that my cousin pointed his finger towards me and asked her that I want to know her name.
2. After knowing her name he came near me and I expected him to tell her name to me in ear. Instead he shouted her name so that everyone in the house could hear it.

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