Sunday, June 13, 2010


Lets play with command line for some time.Well you know how to open it,otherwise go to Applications-->Accessories-->Terminal.Here what you can see first is prompt,which appears like this in my lappie dileepkumar@dileepkumar-laptop:~$.Well the first dileepkumar is the user and the next dileepkumar is the owner of the laptop.Of course both are myself.Before going into the depth let me tweak out certain things for you.

1.System-->Administration-->System Monitor and what you see after clicking processes tab is similar to task manager in Windows.You can use this to force a process to quit.
2.Many of you may have the problem with the battery icon appearing only some times and disappearing most of the time.Go to System-->Preferences-->Power Management and go to General tab and click on the radio button that reads "Always display an icon"
3.Most of you may be experiencing problems with Pidgin Internet Messenger,well here is the permanant solution for that(I'll explain for gmail)
a.When you are creating an account or editing,you will generally see three tabs Basic ,Advanced ,Proxy
b.In the Basic tab---Protocol-XMPP,Username-you gmail username,,Password-Enter your gmail account password,and keep the remaining fields empty.
c.Don't touch the Advanced tab
d.In the Proxy tab Proxy type as 'No Proxy' and click Save.Now you can easily get connected to your pals and friends.

Ohhhhhhh forgot,we started this for terminal na,and I know that you cant insert more matter into your brains.OK no problem lets work with it tommorrow.

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