Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yota Phone - 2 Review

Yota Phone is from a Russian startup, with a novel concept of mixing mobile phone with e-book reader. Many of you must be aware of Amazon's kindle - the tablet like device, reading from which doesn't harm your eyes. So, this Yota Phone has a second screen on it's backpanel, which is similar to ebook readers. Here's a short video below for you to give a glimpse of Yota Phone - 1, which is available in market.

 Yota Phone - 1, although an innovation, it's kinda beta device for checking the user interest on second screen. After a more than perceived huge interest on Yota Phone - 1, Yota is coming up with Yota -2, with a bigger front screen (4.7 inch) and more beautiful second second screen. Below is the picture of upcoming device. The picture says it all.

This phone is going to be released in December in UK and for third world countries like India, the phone will be available during the last quarter of 2015.

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