Saturday, November 29, 2014

Corning Gorilla Glass

Corning is a company that has been producing glass screens since 1950, and since 2005, it started making screens for smartphones. It claimed fame with iphones started coming out with Gorilla glass screens, with rest of smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, HTC adopting it.

These screens are better scratch resistant and break resistant. The latest one is Gorilla Glass-3, and the above is a video of Gorilla Glass-4, which is much tougher than Gorilla Glass-3.

Gorilla Glass is patented by Corning. Saphire displays are competitive to Gorilla Glasses but they cost 10 times more than Gorilla glass, and hence smart phone manufacturers may stick to Gorilla Glass, in the near future, unless the cost of making saphire displays comes down.

But, Saphire is already being used in latest Apple iphones since iphone-5, for Camera screen and start button.

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