Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free calls

I just came across this site while stumbling different websites and I could not believe in the first stance that this site on registering gives some minutes free for us.I registered for the sake of curiousity(During registration it asks for a number, give the mobile number you are using) and after confirming my registration and logging in, I clicked on "Direct webcall" link, I entered my Dad's number, in the first box and in the second box it automatically filled the number I gave during registration(This is the number from which call goes), and I clicked 'Call now', after a few seconds my phone rang, it's some ISD number, I lifted and after some automatically generated voice message, my dad's phone rang and I talked with him for 6 minutes.After that I checked my balance and it's still the same.Check in the features of MOBIVOX as a whole and if you become a premium user you can take full advantages of many features available there, they are really awesome.Here is the link for the site click here

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