Sunday, August 22, 2010

Message problems

Many of us may be facing situations like, we have message balance and our friend doesn't or vice versa.What would you do in a situation like this:simple-use way2sms or to send free sms from pc to phone, The problems faced by the person with no message balance are as follows:
1.He needs to constantly check his inbox in phone for the messages received.
2.He has to constantly switch from phone to PC and PC to phone

What if all this is replaced by a thing like the person with no message balance can read the reply to his message like a chat reply and could send his next reply just as he does chatting.Yahoo mail does exactly the same thing.I don't know about old yahoo mail, but when you are in yahoo mail classic, click ctrl+shift+t and a new tab opens asking u for the number and message to be sent.You needn't disclose your own number, and yahoo sends the message through a number with in that country, but it starts with a '5' and tell the other person not to panic for losing original balance and send reply to that number.And her reply will be seen in the same tab by u like a chat reply in which you sent her message.The only problem that the person with message balance faces is that if he sends a single sms, it will cost him three sms, this will not be a problem I think since most of us will be having either unlimited message offer or some thing like 15000 messages which we will never be able to complete and three messages from those is not a big deal to lose.

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