Friday, August 13, 2010

Firefox monkeys

I hope every one who is reading this post knows what a java script is, if no - everything other than flash that moves when you visit a website is based on java script.This java script working in a browser largely determines its performance.So each browser has a specific java script which is unique from others like V8 for chrome, Squirrel fish for Safari and Opera with Carakan engine and boosts its performance.Neverthless to say, each of the single one listed above is faster than firefox's java script engine.

Coming to the firefox version of java script engine, the legacy one is Spidermonkey which is continued by firefox till firefox 3.5.And with 3.6 it released "Trace monkey", but this has same performance as spider monkey, except during the occurences of loops in java script it increases the speed.Now firefox came out of the spider monkey completely and building a brand new java script engine, which will be loaded with Firefox 4.And the name of the new java script engine is
"Jaeger Monkey".I am a huge firefox fan and lets hope atleast after the release Firefox 4.0 it gains back its lost top spot in browsing speed.

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  1. sure it will i'm too waiting for the 4
    and it;ll be the best